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Indoor football

INDOOR FOOTBALL The cold has arrived and football lovers go indoors to play football until spring. I think this is one of the most popular winter sports aside from skiing. It can for the most part be compared to hockey due to its dynamics, pace and physical burden. Luckily most sports centers being built today prepare for this fact. More and more courts will exist and this popular sport will become more cultured as conditions improve. This is all great, but my job is to draw your attention to a few things that can prevent injury. 


Let’s start with shoes. Indoor football shoes have a harder sole which decreases adherence to the court surface. In cases where shoes are used that are not specially designed for the court, ankle and knee problems can result. Joint dislocations and sprains can result which may mean long-term physiotherapy and several visits to the orthopedic surgeon. Another common problem is pain in the Achilles tendon or thoracic spine due to the hardness of the court surface. To prevent this, silicon heel wedges should be worn in sensitive players to decrease micro trauma in these areas. If the arch of the foot is flat, insoles should be used. These decisions are the job of the specialist. I think it is worthwhile to ask specialist advice before the development to these complaints. The lighting of the gym is also very important. Possible surface irregularities can be seen in time. Often teams will rent space in a school gym in order to play. Considering the financial situation often heating is absent. Players should dress in layers in order to prevent colds and joint cooling. Well, enough of dire predictions. I hope I haven’t taken away your sport spirit. Play bravely! I hope you will enjoy it unlike me at the championships of Újpest, on freezing Saturdays.