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Opinion of the expert in sports health

Beach volleyball

BEACH VOLLEYBALL One of the most dynamically spreading beach sports in this decade. The sport itself arrived in Europe from America. The volleyball players who had gotten too old for the sport began playing on the beach. In Hungary teams and competitions started being organized about 10 years ago. When compared to classic volleyball, only two players play in the court which demands more physical exertion from the players. Taking into account the burning sun, protection is essential. Due to the sand sticking on skin following falls, the use of sun cream is not pleasant. Eyes have to be protected either with sunglasses or special sun shades. The sand has to be regularly watered due to its burning heat which often burns bare feet.


According to the players, the biggest problem is the physical burden, and pain in the Achilles tendon. The best protection against these complaints is the development of basic endurance, continual fluid replacement and regular stretching of calf muscles. The usual complaints of shoulder and wrist pain in this sport branch appear here as well. To avoid these problems use a well-regulated hitting and receiving technique.