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ANKLE REHABILITATION exercises    on 1-2 weeks  |   on weeks 3-4  |   on weeks 5-6  |   in the following 3 months

In the acute phase (first 1-2 weeks)
exercises wearing a brace (external fixation)


Ankle rehabilitation

Ankle rehabilitation
  • Stand with legs slightly spread. Make sure that the body weight be equally distributed between the injured and intact side. Perform rocking movements 2x10 times, alternately raising your forefeet and heels from the ground.
  • Perform the above exercise again 10-10 times, stepping forward alternately with the injured and the intact limb
  • Stand with legs slightly spread. Hold onto a stable object. Slowly, carefully raise your heels, then put them down on the ground and make slight squatting movements 10 times.
    Warning: this exercise should be performed in both directions only in the painless range of motion!
  • Stand with legs slightly spread. Jog in place for 3 minutes, without raising your heels from the ground.
  • Stand on one limb (naturally, on the injured one) for 2x20 seconds.
  • Supplement: do exercises on a home bike (for unlimited time-span) and stepping (for 5 minutes, using the lowest level).