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Wall climbing

WALL CLIMBING Now I have to share a few thoughts about the dangers of this and their prevention. I could jokingly say that the biggest danger is falling which can be prevented by not climbing up in the first place. But more seriously, the biggest danger really is falling. For this reason this neck-breaking sport should only be done with a safety rope and with a partner. For those who want to start right away, start by increasing the range of motion of their hips. A free-moving hip is the basis of making it possible to climb higher up the wall while clinging close to it. In the pictures we introduced two basic stretching exercises that should be done during each warm-up. We will have the best results if while lying on the ground on our backs with our soles together and our knees completely bent, we can touch our outer thighs to the ground without help. In this position the hips are in a maximal open position. This sport doesn’t require much physical strength. The champions of this sport usually have fibrous musculature and are in the feather-weight category. One of the most important strengthening exercises is for the development of toe and finger muscles which ensure a sure grip.


A variety of equipment can be used for this purpose. If we want to become real wall-climbers we should cut our nails. Get used to the idea that if we climb regularly the skin of our fingers will feel the consequences. If I can, I would suggest keeping in mind the theories of moderation and gradience. Appropriate clothing is also a must in the interests of safety. I also consider good lighting of the wall important as well. We can only enjoy the beauty of this sport under good visibility. Stretching exercises increase range of motion in the hip and spine.


I wish you all success!