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SHOULDER REHABILITATION exercises    in the acute phase  |   in the sub acute phase  |   in the phase of stabilization

Exercises in the sub acut phase



Shoulder rehabilitation

Shoulder rehabilitation

Shoulder rehabilitation

Use an elastic band for resistance*.


  • Fix the elastic band at the level of the pelvis. Stand behind the band so that the injured shoulder gets in the remote/outer position. Bend your forearm to a right angle. Twist the forearm dynamically outwards and inwards in the painless range of motion 3x30 times.


  • Perform the same 3x30 times, in opposite position (rotated in 180°).

    * There are different brands of elastic band available in Hungary. The color of the ribbon refers to its strength, but varies according to types. Consult your physiotherapist, as to which is the most appropriate for you.






  • In sitting position: lift the stretched arms up to the horizontal level. Pull apart the elastic band; clench the shoulder blades 3x15 times.

  • Fix the centre of the band at chest level. Pull your slightly bent arms to your trunk, clenching the shoulder blades 3x15 times.














  • Fix the centre of the band above the level of the head. The legs are widely straddled; the upper body is bent forward; pull the elastic band back to the trunk 3x15 times.
















  • Shoulder rehabilitationFix the band above your head in standing position. Support with one hand and hold the doubled band with the other. Pull the ribbon slanting downwards, moving your shoulder downwards and backwards, 3x20 times.
  • Lean with your forearm on the door frame. Keep your arms in a 90 degrees bent position. Step forward with the leg closest to the door frame, and stretch your pectoral muscle by the means of transferring the center of gravity of the body.