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Postgraduate courses:

  • 2008. ESSKA Congress Porto
  • 2008. Stryker International Course (Előadó)
  • 2007. Effort International Course
  • 2006. AO international advanced course
  • 2005. AO international basis course
  • 2002. 22 February, Diagnostics and treatment of the degenerative spine, Orthopedic Clinic, Department for the surgery of the spine, Budai Egészségügyi Központ (Buda Healthcare Centre)
  • 2001. Knee-prostheses, SOTE Orthopedic Clinic
  • 2001. ESSKA 2000. Instructional Course Budapest, Hungary
  • 2001. ISBS Biomechanics Symposia 2001. San Francisco, CA USA
  • 2001. Stanford University Medical School Functional Restoration and Orthopedic Surgery (Prof. David Schurmann), thematic application for OTKA T 034150
  • 2001. Conference of the Hungarian Society for Orthopedics, Zalakaros
  • 2000. BME-MTA Supported Investigator Team and BME Technical Biomechanical Professorship, Biomechanical Laboratories - Biomechanical modeling of the ACL-defective knee with gait analysis - PhD topic (Head: Rita Kiss, László Kocsis)
  • 2000. ESSKA Postgraduate course on the surgery of the knee, Rome, Italy
  • 2000. Repeated surgery for septic and aseptic loosening of the knee prosthesis, UEMS Orthopedic Section, DOTE, Orthopedic Clinic
  • 1997. Meniscus transplantation, Postgraduate Course on Sports medicine, University of Pittsburg, Medical Center, Pittsburg, USA
  • 1997. Surgical techniques in orthopedics, SOTE, Orthopedic Clinic
  • 1995. Postgraduate course on soft-laser therapy, OSEI
  • 1995. Postgraduate course on the surgery of the knee, Sondalo, Italy
  • 1993. Postgraduate course on the surgery of the spine, SOTE Orthopedic Clinic

Entries for a tender:

  • Knoll, Zs.: "Integration of the ACL-graft" MOT Zinner Nándor Application, 1995

Methodological description:

  • Kiss R.M., Knoll Zs., Kocsis L.: "Advanced gait analysis for the study of the biomechanics of the knee" (ZEBRIS CMS-HS system, investigations of the movements and EMG-analysis) Methodological guide. 22.p. 2002.
  • Kiss R.M., Knoll Zs., Kocsis L. Magyar M.: "Investigation of the distribution of the static and dynamic tension of the sole (ZEBRIS), Methodological guide. 14.p. 2002


  • Knoll Zs. Térdbetegek kézikönyve. (Handbook of knee disorders) DTPrint-MEDICaMENTOR Alapítvány / Foundation. 34p. 2002.