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ANKLE REHABILITATION exercises    on 1-2 weeks  |   on weeks 3-4  |   on weeks 5-6  |   in the following 3 months

During the stabilization phase (in week 5-6)


Ankle rehabilitation

Ankle rehabilitation
  • Stand on the rim of a footstool or a stair. Push your heels down as much as muscles allow, then raise them up to the maximal height.
  • Hop on both feet paying attention that both feet take part equally in the lift-off.
  • Mark out first a rectangle and then a triangle on the floor. Hop on both limbs touching on the apices of the geometrical formations, one after the other.
  • Stand on one limb. Bend both the supporting and the raised limb. Perform dynamic swinging movements with the raised limb, while trying to keep the supporting one stable.
  • Stand on one limb. Swing the other limb diagonally, so that the pelvis also rotates slightly.
  • Stand on one limb on a trampoline or on a thick piece of sponge.
  • Stand with legs widely spread. Perform dynamic side-stepping.
  • First hop on the injured limb carefully, and then push yourself more and more off the ground.